Goldpark Nauders

Kidsbikepark & Kidsbiketrails

ultimatives Abenteuer für die COOL KIDS ...


New at Bergkastel - the Kidsbikepark with conveyor belt, Kidsloop and easy trails for all little practice enthusiasts and beginners.


Bikes and accessories can be rented for a small fee. The use of the conveyor belt and the Kidsloop with your own bike is free of charge.


For those who are a little more advanced the Zirmtrail is a good choice. It’s one of the easiest trails and can be reached at 2,550m with the Zirmbahn. The trail covers 6 kilometres and is a nature experience for the whole family. The Zirmbahn is open from mid-June till mid-September.


The Kidsbikepark is located 50 metres from the Goldwasser adventure world, which was newly built in summer 2021 and offers fun for young and old. Right next to the panorama restaurant, there is a lot to discover in the new adventure world: gold panning, giant sandpit, air trampoline, raft rides, courses and much more await our little visitors there.


The Bergkastel also has a lot to offer for hiking enthusiasts. Some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the region for all levels of difficulty start from the top station of the cable car.


The Bullzone puzzle is also an experience for the whole family. From the mountain station to the Stieralm, there are eight stations with riddles and skill courses. Those who have solved all the riddles and correctly put together the solution word receive a small gift at the Stieralm.

The wooden sculptures at each station are by local artist Christian Waldegger.

Bilder sagen mehr als Worte ...

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  • -TVB-Tiroler-Oberland-Nauders-Rudi-Wyhlidal-Goldpark-Sommer-2022_65
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  • -TVB-Tiroler-Oberland-Nauders-Rudi-Wyhlidal-Goldpark-Sommer-2022_87
  • -TVB-Tiroler-Oberland-Nauders-Rudi-Wyhlidal-Goldpark-Sommer-2022_90
  • -TVB-Tiroler-Oberland-Nauders-Rudi-Wyhlidal-Goldpark-Sommer-2022_98

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