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Every mountain bike region has special places and awe-inspiring rides. E.g. the breath-taking tour through the Uina gorge or the "Panzersperren" (some kind of tank traps) at 2000 m a.s.l. and the "Fotofelsen" (a hanging lump of rock) with stunning views over the Reschensee (Lake Reschen) to the peaks of the Ortler National Park.




But: Are these MTB routes the favourites of the locals as well?


Gerry's Top 5 Tours:

 Tour Pieng-Tour 3-Köpfe-Tour Next-Level-Tour Wattles Trail-Tour Grünsee-Tour
 Distance approx. 19.2 km approx. 21.1 km approx. 38 km approx. 54 km approx. 45 km
 Highest Peak  2,800 m  2,800 m  2,800 m  2,550 m  2,860 m

 Metres of Elevation

approx. 830 m approx. 990 m approx. 1,850 m approx. 1,400 m approx. 1,100 m
 Downhill (elevation) approx. 1,590 m approx. 1,750 m approx. 1,850 m approx. 1,400 m approx. 1,300 m


approx. 9.6 km approx. 11 km approx. 13.8 km approx. 13.7 km approx. 7 km
 Difficulty  SO - S3+  SO - S3+  SO - S3+  SO - S2  SO - S4
 Physical Demands

 extremely difficult

extremely  difficult

extremely  difficult  difficult extremely  difficult
Carry/Push approx. 2 hours approx. 2,5 hours approx. 2,5 hours approx. 45 min. approx. 2 hours



Harry's Top 5 Tours:

 Tour Val d`Uina Plamort Reschneralm Val Sinestra Edelweißtour
Distance  approx. 70 km approx. 23 km approx. 21 km approx. 65 km approx. 52 km
 Highest Peak  2,300 m  2,070 m  2,000 m  2,000 m  2,400 m

Metres of Elevation

approx. 2,000 m approx. 900 m approx. 800 m approx. 2,400 m approx. 1,700 m
Downhill (Elevation) approx. 2,000 m approx. 900 m approx. 800 m approx. 2,400 m approx. 1,700 m


approx. 5 km approx. 5 km approx. 6 km approx. 13 km approx. 8 km
Difficulty  SO - S2  SO - S2  SO - S2  SO - S2  SO - S2
Physical Demands  difficult medium medium  extremely difficult difficult
Carry/ Push approx. 45 min. - -  - approx. 20 min.


Note regarding riding technique:

S0, S1 - easy; S2 - medium; S3 - hard; S4 - very hard; S5 - extremely hard.


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