Bike Package "Fit & Active"

Fit & Active Rates

Low Season

10.06. - 07.07 & 22.08. - 02.10.2022

from EUR 893.-*)

High Season

08.07. - 21.08.2022

from EUR 933.-*)


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Guided Bike Tours

Open group Rates
Level 1 (up to 35 km, and/or up to 700 metres in elevation, and/or up to 4 hours) EUR 39.-/person/tour
Level 2 (35 - 55 km, and/or up to 1,300 metres in elevation, and/or up to 6 hours) EUR 49.-/person/tour
Level 3 (min. 55 km, and/or up to 2,500 metres in elevation, and/or up to 8 hours) EUR 59.-/person/tour


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Bike Technique Training

Feeling a little bit uncertain when riding on trails? Uncomfortable on gravel roads, tight turns, and riding downhill? You probably need more experience and routine and some advice and guidance will take you a long way. Ensure you react appropriately in critical situations. Our bike technique training is perfectly suited to all bikers looking to actively improve their safety on the bike. No matter if you are an experienced biker, less-experienced biker, or a beginner: the perfect training awaits any motivated biker at the Hotel Central.


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