Bike Technique Training

Feeling a little bit uncertain when riding on trails? Uncomfortable on gravel roads, tight turns, and riding downhill? You probably need more experience and routine and some advice and guidance will take you a long way. Ensure you react appropriately in critical situations. Our bike technique training is perfectly suited to all bikers looking to actively improve their safety on the bike. No matter if you are an experienced biker, less-experienced biker, or a beginner: the perfect training awaits any motivated biker at the Hotel Central.


Riding technique training is organised as a group course each week, and can also be booked as a one-on-one course, our popular personal coaching. The personal coaching is especially efficient, because the exercises are focused on the requirements of the participant. Our skilled coaches are able to teach skills effectively and big steps in progression are going to increase the biker's confidence.


Group Course: open group, EUR 45.- /person

  • min. 3 persons, max. 7 persons
  • approx. 3 hours
  • use of your own bike
  • video- and photo analysis included
  • private training area "Biker's Playground" at the Hotel Central


Participation Terms:

  • signed letter of agreement (disclaimer) for Hotel Central tours
  • registration for the daily tour closes at 6 pm on the previous day
  • check the physical requirements and technical abilities for the tour
  • bike helmet
  • technically sound mountain bike




Fahrtechniktraining im Hotel Central

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