XXL 3-Country Tour

XXL 3-Country Tour

The classic 3-country tour leads through the Val d'Uina and is the most important tour-goal for most of our bike guests. This stunning ride is always a highlight and can be accomplished by serious bikers or, alternatively, can be a two-day trip with a night spent in an alpine hut.


The XXL 3-country tour is an extension of the Uina 1 classic three country tour and includes luggage transportation. This thrilling 4-day tour introduces bikers to 3 different countries, 3 different cultures, 3 different languages, and possibly one of the most beautiful mountain bike routes in the Central Alps: Val d'Uina, Pass da Costainas, Val Mora, Vale Alpisella. The bikers on this tour conquer more than 7,290 metres of elevation and 228 km (Route A) or 4,980 metres of elevation and 174 km (Route B). The route can be changed each day. 

New: XXL 3-Country Singletrail

We are now offering a special addition for all singletrail fans. The XXL 3-country should not be missed by bikers and to suit all single trail enthusiasts, we worked on a singletrail route option of this classic tour. This tour is available with or without luggage transportation and is a challenging route option for experienced mountain bikers. Bikers have to be skilled in singletrail riding, need strength, stamina, and good technique, as some trails are very challenging.


Set off on the tour with extensive roadbooks, bike explorer maps, and GPS coordinates and enjoy the tours with or without a bike guide. (Booking at the Hotel Central.) Accommodation for the tour is arranged in the Bike-Hotels Central, Nauders (A), Bellaval, Scoul (CH), Chavalatsch, Müstair (CH) und Concordia, Livignio (I). Luggage is delivered to the accommodation each day.


Rates for 4 days incl. luggage delivery, bike laundry service, roadbook, GPS download, and one-on-one tour advice:


  • XXL 3-country tour: EUR 499.-
  • XXL 3-country singletrail tour: from EUR 529.- (cost of 7 x shuttle: approx. EUR 150.-)


Single room surcharge: EUR 25.-/ night


» Report XXL singletrail tour (Bike-Magazine 10/2017)


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