3-Country Enduro Trails

3-Country Enduro Trails

This area is still remembered as the area where our grandfathers looked for cover during the war, but today, the beautiful area is used for nature adventures. The extended network of singletrails in this region connecting Austria, Italy, and Switzerland are suited for exciting enduro bike tours. The trails are flowy, technically challenging, but still rideable with regular mountain bikes. For even more biking fun, the mountain lifts in this region even offer free bike transportation.


Gerry, our bike guide and enthusiastic enduro bike rider, has years of experience in Nauders and will gladly take you along the trails for some singletrail fun. On his off-days, Gerry trains to compete with the European enduro bike elite at the (3Länder Enduro Race). If you are interested in enduro biking or have questions about biking at a competitive level, please don't hesitate to ask Gerry – there is no better person to ask! Enduro biking and singletrails are on the lips of the bike world – and we have it all right at our doorstep!


Endurotrail Nauders Reschenpass



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Signature Trail Plamort

ONE OF THE BEST TRAILS IN THE ALPS - you should experience it at least once!







...and you will find hundreds of youtube videos about the 3-countries enduro trails in Nauders/Reschenpass here. 


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