The classic 3-country tour leads through the Val d'Uina and is the most important tour-goal for most of our bike guests. This stunning ride is always a highlight and can be accomplished by serious bikers or, alternatively, can be a two-day trip with a night spent in an alpine hut.


XXL 3-Country Tour


The region around the Swiss National Park means four stages of the 3-country mountain bike tour with everything that goes with it: coveted trails at high altitude, interesting pass crossings with breathtaking views, great descents and charming river paths. Start at any stage location and choose your own route.


XXL 3-Country Tour

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Since 2018 we are offering a special addition for all singletrail fans. The XXL 3-country tour should not be missed by single trail enthusiasts, so we worked on an option. Available with or without luggage transportation this tour is challenging for experienced mountain bikers, who have to be skilled in singletrail riding, need strength, stamina and good technique.


XXL 3-Country Singletrail

central roadbike 04ROADBIKE

A unique tour for all road bike lovers! There are 3 different routes to choose from for each stage. Variant A with 3803 meters in altitude and 263.5 kilometers is suitable for sporty drivers. Even more demanding riders feel comfortable on Tour B with 9106 meters in altitude and 448.1 kilometers. For the brave there is Route C with 11,776 meters of altitude and 531.4 kilometers.


XXL 3-Country Tour


Our three-country tour is ideal for enthusiastic trail runners. In line with the trend of the new running sport, we offer our guests a very unique tour to enjoy. There are also four different routes with different levels of difficulty to choose from for each stage. Depending on the selected stage, between 15 - 53 km and 500 - 2,800 meters in altitude have to be overcome per day.


XXL 3-Country Tour Trailrunning

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